A lonely desert road in Monument Valley.

The “Western Half” of the United States is a virtual recreational playground with its diversity of landscapes, rivers, lakes, and beaches. If you could live 100 lifetimes, you still wouldn’t make a dent in what the west has to offer when it comes to site seeing, exploring and adventure.

This blog is about taking readers along with us on the road. We strive to immerse our readers in the full experience of driving the blue highways, scenic byways, and the many hidden spur roads throughout the west. What’s more, we also want to use the backdrop of an actual road trip as a way to explore our inner selves. Through the experience of taking an actual journey, we want to be mindful and present with all that we encounter. What we perceive in all that we experience are all parts of our inner road map. Through self-inquiry, we begin to turn our outer road trip into a magical work of art.

“The west is the best
The west is the BEST
Get here and we’ll do the rest”

The End by The Doors

While we’re on the road, we write about adventure and share images, videos and stories about the land. If we happen to come across something unique like a colorful personality, a rare wildlife encounter or even local folklore, we’ll share this as well.

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