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During these remarkable times, our true calling seems to be beckoning us from a deeper place of knowing. 

I say “remarkable” due to the current circumstances surrounding the global pandemic. Our lives have changed dramatically due to the virus know as COVID19, now called SARS-CoV-2. Never, at least in my lifetime, and aside from the events of 9/11, has there been a time when virtually most everything has stopped. Life is turned upsidedown. 

There are unique and immediate changes taking place all over the world. Here in the Western Half of the United States, the effects of the pandemic have hit an area that applies to my life; the ski industry. Park City, Utah, and its ski resorts have “temporarily” shut down for the season. Like dominos, almost every other business that’s associated with the resorts has followed suit. Restaurants, bars, hotels, exclusive condo communities, ski, and snowboard rental shops; the list is long. In less than a week, my hometown has become a ghost town. It’s as if we are all living in a Stephen King novel.

Taking Inventory and Reevaluating

The local tourist economy has all but come to a complete standstill. As of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, my employer, which is my fulltime day job, has ceased to book reservations. The company is considering current staffing needs and the prospect of reduced hours or, worse, company-wide layoffs are real. To add insult to injury, several people in the community have tested positive for the virus. To top it off, yesterday morning, a 5.7 earthquake rattled our state, which ramped up the fears of an already anxious community. All this happened in less than a week! I thought, “What else!?” The answer that came to me was surprising. 

I suddenly have become acutely aware that I’m not in control of much of anything in life except how I respond to circumstances. With this potent awareness, I have begun to take a serious inventory of my life. Also, I have initiated a reevaluation of who and what matters. Am I scared? Sure! There are a whole plethora of reasons to be fearful right now, and I notice that I can either feed my fears, or I can utilize them.

It’s my fear and everyone else’s fear that’s causing me to stop, breathe, focus, and draw from a wellspring of internal and external resources. Several people in the strong spiritual community that surrounds me are beginning to realize that it’s our destiny to be here, right where we are. Like it or not, we can either shrink and isolate, or we can step into who it is we came here to be.

“We are meant for these times!”

Destiny Calls

Whatever we choose to do or be in life isn’t wrong or right in the eyes of divinity. The point is we act even in the darkest of moments. I often recall the story about the time when Jesus entered Jerusalem shortly before his crucifixion. Being tempted by Satan, Jesus had already journeyed through the underworld. Lucifer represents the dark ego and the constructs of reality built upon sand. Jesus refused his offering and took up the cross instead. He knew it was his destiny, and he empowered himself to fulfill his awesome and tragic role. He willingly and triumphantly rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, the beast of burden, to illustrate that he was not of any political construct. What’s even more profound, as the crowds rushed to greet Jesus and begged for healing, he yelled, “Heal Yourselves!”. In other words, step into your destiny and empower yourselves to heal! Did Jesus mean we can heal ourselves, our families, our friends, and our communities? The world? What if the “Revelation” is we step into our Christhood? Read Psalm 82:6 “I said, ‘You are Gods'” (Elohim)

The Power of Myth

I’m not a biblical scholar, nor am I a religious person, but I am interested in the power of myth. Most notably, the identification of archetypes within a story and their function in the fabric of reality. I’m most interested in transformation through the evolutionary spirit. What if we are creating our reality through our storylines and ultimately creating a collective reality? Undoubtedly, the current reality must be the underworld, wouldn’t you agree? We’re being tempted like Jesus to settle for a system that no longer supports our evolutionary path. He chose his destiny and escaped the clutches of darkness. He faithfully took on the role of martyr for all humanity by listening to the intuitive voice of God.

A darkened underground tunnel with a man emerging at the end of the lightened path.
“The only way out is through.”

I’m not suggesting that we all take on such a role as Jesus Christ, but I know some will and do. More subtly, what is calling you from a deeper place in your soul? What function or what archetype would you be willing to step into that will allow yourself to transcend the current paradigm? 

The underworld is a dark and scary place that requires more than just our sense of sight. No! To navigate the cave of uncertainty with only your eyes would undoubtedly trick us. (The media is an excellent example of the predominant senses of sight and sound.) No! We must employ ALL our senses, including our most profound intuition. Felt in the body, intuition is different than paranoia, which resides in mind. Instincts are a huge reason why we are here today. Our ancestors were cunning hunters, and anyone who still hunts knows that “going with your gut” is very useful.

Finding The Way

Finding the way out of dark times will require the rediscovery of our intuitive nature. This nature has always been there; it’s just been stifled in a world bent on data and facts. To summon this inherent trait, we must answer a more profound call. The answer to “the call” might be something you may have either been avoiding for most of your life, or it may surprise you as it becomes more evident! Here is a hint, the more uncomfortable your calling seems, the more suitable it is to get you through these times. When you dare to fulfill your role, transcendence is possible for you and all who dwell around you. Yet to be revealed, our collective destination is unknown, but I believe we will all know it when we see it! Cloaked in our robes of destiny, we most certainly will, that’s for sure!  

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