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The world has come to a screeching halt! The never-ending hamster wheel of the day-to-day grind has flown off its mount. In this rare moment of mass-repose, insomnia of consciousness is becoming the norm. The “Great Pause” we all are experiencing has forever awakened us. The sleepless tossing and turning of our deep knowing is calling. This is no time to sleep!

There’s a term in hypnosis called “break state“. Basically, a break state moment is when someone is in a trance, and they are suddenly jolted from one powerful state of mind to another. For the NLP practitioner, a break state moment is a perfect moment to powerfully suggest an alternative behavior or belief. It’s a potent moment when powerful shifts in consciousness occur and positive changes emerge. The recipient is “awakened” or more accurately, is shown the positive core essence which has been there all along. A revelation appears beneath a non-working behavior or belief.

The Mass Hypnosis of Marketing

Right now, the entire global community is in a break state moment; albeit a frightful and uncomfortable one. However we interpret what we’re in the midst of during this awful global pandemic, ultimately we have all been halted in our tracks by it. It’s as if we have been in a loud rock concert and now, our ears are ringing in the aftermath of the immersion.

Even our nervous systems are jittery as we sense ourselves in a completely different reality. Whether we would like to admit it or not, most of us have been living in a trance. We’ve been asleep under incessant mass hypnosis by the power of marketing and advertising. Now, in isolation, with our full attention focused inward, we sit in a state of shock. Disbelief and a sort of numbness fall upon many of us. Welcome to the real “norm”; you, us and the life we have been given.

Clearly, What’s Normal

Since the whole world has stopped the merry-go-round of business as usual, reports are pouring in of clearer skies, cleaner water, and quieter communities. It’s said that people in Nepal can see the Himalayas for the first time in 30 years! In the absence of the non-stop rumbling and hustle-bustle of the city, New Yorkers are hearing birds singing over sirens. The canals of Venice, Italy have cleared and dolphins have been alleged to have been spotted in its lagoons. Animals are being spotted in busy city centers.

Yes, the “Great Pause” is showing all of us what normal really is. Even if what we’re hearing and reading about isn’t real, so what? Deep down, we want to believe there are Coyotes on the Golden Gate Bridge! It’s normal to want to know that dolphins can swim in the canals of Venice! We long for these things to be true, it’s in our nature! At the core of our being, we know what “normal” looks and feels like. In this place of frozen activity, we now realize what we have all been missing. What we have been searching for has been here all along. We just had to stop to gain access to nature, our own and that of the entire world! What else is being revealed?

Clear skies and silent neighborhoods.

When It All Breaks

Some of us may recall the poster of a steam train flying off a high bridge into a deep ravine. The caption reads, “Oh Shit!” This image is befitting as it serves as a wonderful metaphor for what doesn’t work. Whether it’s the way we have been living in our personal space or as a nation, even the world, we are certainly having an “Oh Shit” moment.

So many things we have all placed our trust in are falling apart. Our government seems out of control as officials try their best to hide the facts surrounding COVID19. Doctors, nurses, and emergency first responders are overwhelmed by the lack of preparedness for a global pandemic. The entire economy that relies upon workers and patrons alike, has ground to a halt. The painful realities of our current state of affairs are being exposed on all fronts. From an individual perspective to the entire global community, it all seems broken.

Back To What Normal?

We hear people say, “When this is all over, I can’t wait to have things go back to normal.” Back to what normal? The “normal” the powers that be will try desperately for everyone to return to? The “business as usual” that giant corporations will spend billions on to get us back into the trance we have all lived under? The “same-ole, same ole”, the politicians will impose upon all of us by trying to convince us that what we saw during the “Great Pause” didn’t happen at all? They will urge us to “move forward” into a constant state of hyperactivity so that we will not continue to reflect upon what is normal. The system will attempt to force-feed us a “normal” we no longer recognize.

What Else is Possible?

Many of us want to change the way we live. Before we leap back onto the hamster wheel we’ve all been on, can we look at this once-in-a-lifetime moment in human history as an opportunity for massive positive changes? Can we see, without a shadow of a doubt, what’s broken and more importantly, what isn’t?! The question is, will we allow the machine to tell us what’s right and how we should feel or when we are not to feel? Or, will we seize this “break state” moment to land firmly into new ways of being? What will you do with this “sacred” time? Will you take part in a new vision or ease back into the easy-chair of complacency? The insomnia of your consciousness may not let you fall back to sleep.

Create Your Vision!

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