The journey of transformation is a hot topic right now. Why transformation is such a popular subject is obvious, we’re in one.

It’s one thing to initiate change or to embrace it when there’s nothing else to do. To undergo a transformation, this is entirely different. One seeks to achieve specific goals through actions over a short period of time. The other shifts entire landscapes through the lengthy process of altering beliefs. Change is constant however, transformation is more permanent.

If we use the word “transformation” as a lens to view certain aspects of our lives it takes on broader meanings. Take the idea of a “makeover”. Many of us have seen the before and after results of a total makeover. It’s fascinating to see, isn’t it? It’s as if transformation is a deeply embedded notion unique to the human experience and our psychology. Then, we’ve all have heard this catchy phrase, “transforming ideas into reality.” Lastly, the most popular depiction of the word fits perfectly with the caterpillar emerging into a beautiful butterfly; a natural phenomenon often used as a metaphor for spiritual transformation.

Signs of a Spiritual Transformation

The signs of spiritual transformation can be subtle or they come in the form of what some call, “the cosmic two-by-four”. Both instances can happen on an individual level as well as a collective one. Right now, the entire world is getting an abrupt, game-changing, wake up call. In fact, there are so many layers to the events surrounding the global pandemic, it’s easy to get lost. With that said, I want to remain focused upon spiritual transformation and its telltale signs. There are definitive characteristics that identify the moment we are in a spiritual transformation. Here they are.

  • Reality as we know it crumbles– The constructs of our lives suddenly disappear or no longer apply to current circumstances. A great example of this is many of us cannot attend work.
  • The desire to isolate is paramount- It’s actually fascinating that people are being ordered to practice “social distancing”. This is creating an environment where reflection and deep evaluation is replacing constant distractions. Going within, being humble, and searching for meaning becomes a daily practice.
  • Feelings of being lost, and confused about everything- We see these signs showing up all over the media. Everyone from top leaders to common people is trying to make sense of a new reality. Everyone repetitively experiences the Kubler-Ross five stages of grief. (Anger, denial, bargaining, and acceptance.) Nothing seems sure and you begin to question everyone and everything.
  • A laser-clear lesson begins to emerge- A final confrontation with what has been lurking below the surface becomes the catalyst. A collective awakening occurs. We see things deeply and begin the move towards massive healing.

OK! We have identified that we are most certainly experiencing a spiritual transformation, now what?

We Are On A Global Retreat!

In essence, humanity is on a global retreat. The events surrounding COVID19 have forced almost everyone to stop. When we stop, we begin to ask questions. “Why is this happening?” “What if I can’t find food?” Or more urgently, “What if someone I love gets sick and dies?” “What if I die of this illness?” These deeper inquiries can either scare us into becoming frozen in fear or we can breathe into impermanence. It is when we accept that all things are temporary, including suffering and global pandemics, we begin to transform. The answers we have been seeking suddenly emerge.

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A Sacred Moment

The world is in a sacred moment. Although many people are suffering and we in the west look at human suffering as a negative thing, it always begs the question, “What else is possible?” When we stop and become aware of how vulnerable and frail we really are, there’s a powerful centering that occurs. Suddenly, we are all the same. Ironically, we are all one in our self-quarantine. We come together in our social distancing by lovingly offering cooperation within our communities. We are witnessing human beings at their best where courage is transforming the whole, the I, the you!

In closing, we must recognize that we are all in a massive spiritual transformation. We should understand and fully accept this fact by embracing this truth of how vulnerable we are. Within this realization, we must begin to inquire as to how and why we are where we are. Finally, it is ever-important to accept the changes that lay ahead and know deeply, we are all experiencing this transformation. Let this sacred moment teach us about our interbeingness. We have been here for one another all along and so it will be in every moment.

Things To Know & Do During This Transformation.

  • Focus on love, compassion, and forgiveness.
  • Know that we are all in this together.
  • Be selective of what media you watch and listen to.
  • Take extra special care of yourself and love ones.
  • Dance, play games, feel and express all your emotions.
  • Become a refuge for all in your thoughts and deeds.
  • Visualize and meditate on how you fit on the whole.
  • Pray often and ask for healing.
  • Acknowledge there is great suffering going and know that this is always temporary.

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